Body Scan Morning & Evening Guided Practices: Bundle of Two

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Body Scan Morning & Evening Guided Practices: Bundle of Two

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Body Scan Morning & Evening Guided Practices: Bundle of Two including:
  • Morning Practice: Clearing and Energizing (16 mins)
  • Evening Practice: Cleansing and Grounding for Deep Sleep (15 mins)
2020 has pushed us to our limits. Social uprising, a global pandemic that shows no signs of going anywhere, isolation and loneliness. Most of us are completely stressed, overwhelmed, uncertain about the future and our jobs.
Release stress and anxiety, clear and ground with our guided morning and evening practices. 

Morning Practice: Clear any anxiety, worries and stress before they build up and spiral out of control. Be prepared for anything the day brings, by starting out grounded, focused and at peace. Learn how to generate your own revitalizing energy boost anytime you need it, release the grip of past experiences and limiting beliefs, and set clear goals that are aligned with what fulfils you.

Evening Practice: Cleanse away the stress of the day and ground for deep sleep. Release any lingering anxiety, worries and uncertainty about the future, from your mind, emotions, body and spirit, to find peace right now. Prepare for deep, restorative, nurturing sleep, so your body can rest and heal.

Save when you buy this bundle of two, instead of purchasing Morning and Evening practices separately.

* Pay What You Can - We’re offering a pay what you can model, as we don’t want finances to be a barrier to receiving the support you need. You’ll receive the same download regardless of which price you choose to pay. We simply trust that people are honest and will select what they can afford. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

* Please consult your doctor prior to starting any practices if you have any underlying health conditions.